Software Developer

Front-end dev by day, aspiring infra wizard by night. Always seeking new challenges and opportunities to learn.

Currently works with React Next Typescript GraphQL .

The steward of software engineering best practices, processes, and metrics with strong analytical and strategic thinking to handle software crucial technical decisions.

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My Contribution & Impact

KemendikbudGoTo ImpactNafas IndonesiaUniversitas SemarangYKANSuara MerdekaKemendikbudGoTo ImpactNafas IndonesiaUniversitas SemarangYKANSuara Merdeka

Work Experience

  1. Frontend DeveloperLatestContract

    PT. Optima Media Teknologi

    I specialize in building fast, robust, and optimized web applications using modern technologies such as Next.js, TypeScript, React, MapLibre, Mapbox, and Mantine UI. I work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and create custom solutions that address their specific business challenges, particularly in the realm of geospatial web applications.

  2. Content Moderator LatestPart-time

    I have been honored to be selected as a ’Kind DEV Citizen’ and entrusted with the position of Content Moderator, responsible for curating posts and moderating content for fellow users. And moderating for content on tags : #frontend, #react, #typescript, #serverless, #indonesia , and #linux

  3. Frontend Developer Internship

    NAFAS Indonesia

    At the core, nafas has a mission to educate Indonesians about the dangers of air quality on our health. This education will be done through data, by making trusted air quality data available to anybody at the click of a button.

    Contributions :

    1. Made billboard website to handling various data for core business
    2. Fully transform JS Code to TypeScript
    3. Using jest & RTL to testing app with up to 70% coverage
    4. Using Tailwind to styling and implement it with CSS Module
    5. Using REST API and Websocket to made web robust and dynamic for data fetching
    6. Designed Code Structure with KISS and Clean Code approach
  4. Frontend Developer Internship

    Generasi GIGIH 2.0 By GoTo Impact

    Program from GoTo Impact by Gojek & Tokopedia Explore and learn more about frontend developers using React.js Selected as awardee of GIGIH Interns at GoTo Impact Partner.

    Contributions :

    1. Learn and Implement best practice from Web Fundamentals to Modern Javascript
    2. Using React JS to Solve Real World problem and implement the solution in Web Apps
    3. Learn and practicing Unit Testing, Clean Code, Refactoring in React and TypeScript


  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (AWS ACP) Certification

    Amazon Web Service
  2. Problem Solving (Basic) Certification

  3. Junior Web DeveloperCertification

    BNSP Indonesia
  4. Junior Network Administrator Certification

    BNSP Indonesia
  5. Teknik Informatika Formal

    Universitas Stikubank
  6. Teknik Komputer & Jaringan Formal

    SMK N 8 Semarang